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It seems like a good month since I've done a diary post. Time does tend to fly in the blogosphere especially when you get caught up with things. I don't know where to start really. Though I have made myself busy with projects and the like with my recent free time, it honestly took me the past few weeks to realise and cultivate my creativity and put it towards something for the future. Do you ever have those thoughts and goals that you've set ages ago and simply forgotten? Well I did. Through random conversations and some much needed soul searching I unearthed some things. I'm still planting seeds at the moment, but I'm excited to see what I can create and put out into the world (in a nutshell to be further explained in the coming weeks)

Besides my 'Light Bulb' moment, I have been keeping myself sane by Studding, Dying, Shirting, Shooting, Posing and Waiting for Packages in the Mail. Some pretty fun stuff I might add. I'm also learning how to drive. I'm a tad green with driving, though I'm slowly getting the hang of the three point turn and parallel park. I really want my license so I can do two things. One: drive to random locations everywhere and anywhere to shoot outfits for my Style Diary and Two: so I can randomly take a Roadtrip somewhere (very 90's teen comedy)... and again take photos about it. Updates all to come soon.

I'm at that stage where decisions are made, waiting occurs and the hope for prospects keeps me up at night.
Prospects can be intimating.
The irony when you decide on your own path and yet taking those first steps are simply terrifying
The reality that you are moving on your own individual path. 
That those mere thoughts and decisions can be real.
The possibilities which these prospects have

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