Cotton On Jacket (DIY Studded) + MARTAN Singlet + Nique Shorts + Jeffrey Campbell 'Arizona' Loafers + Bolt Ring + Acne Sunglasses

Anyone who reads this blog knows or can see that I love studs. Stemming from my love for texture I find studs sharp, edgy and a whole lot of fun. Thus came the thought why not stud my Varsity Jacket? After a while on EBay and playing with 300 Studs here is my result. I do plan to have the entire jacket studded, I just underestimated how many I needed. With that said I think that having a simple studded panel is fun. Not over the top but definitely enough to be a presence. Chuck on a tank, shorts and a serious pair of BRIGHT loafers and I'm out enjoying the nearly Summer sun.

SIDEBAR: DIY Studding Post Coming Soon 

(Photos: Michael)

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JohnAnderssonW said...

Just have to say that I love the jacket!! But I wonder if I can take this pic (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CWH1kZNoii0/UEHWzPgAuEI/AAAAAAAAGk0/81cCEtvSSOA/s820/30.+SEP+Stud+LB+%282%29.png) and use it on my blog? I will ofc make a link to your blog :)

MARTAN Main said...

Thanks John! You can definitely use my picture, just make sure you credit and link the image to www.martanmain.blogspot.com : )


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