TOP: MARTAN  |  DENIM: Ladakh (DIY Distressed)  |  SHIRT: Walmart  |  BOOTS: Balenciaga  |  SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban  |  CLUTCH: Alexander Wang

I am seeing RED. Not just from my new polarised Ray-Bans but from my wardrobe. I feel like red is a very confident and bold colour. I have always been more of a Blue person... (Blue Power Ranger over the Red) but it seems that the warmer the weather gets or maybe there is something in the air but my eye gravitates to Red. I have bits of Red here and there, for instance I have had this plaid shirt for years. I always wanted a plaid shirt, back when I was young there was something 'cool' about the black and red squares. Fast forward to when my parents were in America and asked the age old question 'what would you like from the States?' I in turn asked for a plaid shirt (I am not that souvenir type) . In return and to my parents credit they did get a plaid shirt... however it was in XXXL. It is more of a jacket than a shirt, but I love it. Those Red and Black squares get me everytime. And at the moment the more RED the better.



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