SHIRT: JW Anderson x Topshop  |  SHORTS: From Britten  |  SHOES: Balenciaga  |  CLUTCH: MARTAN  |  CAP: Cotton On  |  RINGS: H&M  |  SUNGLASSES: Rayban

Breaking into the last month of 2013 it is habit for me to reflect on the year that was. Experiences, Friendships, Experiences, Moments... everything really. It is fun (and sometimes cringe worthy) to look back on the looks I have worn as well. Some more daring than others, but all apart of me forming a unique visual identity and personal style. I feel like I am refining my style more and more. This year my entire perspective on clothing, wardrobe and style has changed for a more refined concept which I will be taking forward into 2014. It is fun to look back to draw inspiration for the future. 

I am trying to free myself from the darker tones. With Summer finally hitting Melbourne I am shedding my black wintery coats and jeans, opting for lighter options. Honestly all I want to wear is a lot of white, though I am worried.. the idea of having a wardrobe of off white clothes from stains, falls and the many clumsy things I would be prone to do. I just have to take little steps towards being Crisp and Fresh. Lightweight white pieces are the best to test the waters. Experimenting with White... with some Black and a hint of RED.


photos: krystal

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