JACKET: Danin Dilemma  |  DENIM: Cheap Monday  |  BOOTS: Balenciaga  |  CLUTCH: 3.1 Phillip Lim  |  SUNGLASSES: Rayban  |  RING: H&M

They say never to wear Navy and Black together... why that is the case is beyond me. 

I remember watching an interview with Julia Roitfeld where she said that one of the best pieces of advice her mother Carine told her was to dare to wear Black and Navy... Smart woman she is. Never being one to conform to rule or the 'norm' I also dare to wear Navy and Black together. Two strong Dark staple colours, and to me work together to create a sharp look. I am always a fan of strong combinations. I am always drawn to a challenge it seems. Why have just one strong staple when you can combine and create interesting combinations.

It is finally that busy time of the year when I run around like a headless chicken. Catching up with friends, Escaping to the beach, Enjoying one too many cocktails whilst trying not to spend all of my money before the year is out. Living in a creative choatic mess. With the year ending that whole 'yolo' excuse becomes more and more relevant to people... I am one of those people. Being very Busy Busy Busy... though even as I type this post I am craving a good sleep in. Maybe in the new year...


photos: michael

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