2013 can be summed up in 47 looks

After spending the year working hard on researching and immersing myself into all things Menswear I have begun to refine my style, investing in more key Menswear pieces. At times it is easier to purchase womenswear as it is more readily available and to be honest sometimes the range of choices whether be cut or colour do not compare to that of menswear, but I have tried my best to inject a lot of menswear pieces and new silhouettes this year. Leaving my love for Skinny Jeans and Blazers in 2012 my Staples for this year were Sweaters, Shorts and Sunglasses. Leather and Colour were two other big additions to my wardrobe. I am consciously trying to incorporate more fun and vibrancy into my wardrobe, matching my staple black pieces with some bright Reds or a cool Chambray. It is always fun to look back at these montages... remembering when I dyed my hair back to black (for a long... two week stint.. I'll call it my mid year life crisis moment) and all the various shades of silver, purple, yellow and grey in my hair, these Style Diaries are always a good visual diary of it all.

photos: connie, krystal, MARTAN, michael and yvonne

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