'I want to live a Free Spirited life of New Beginnings

I originally wrote off 2013 as a quiet year. Coming off the end of a chaotic 2012 I settled into a full time job and tried to sort everything out... you know becoming an adult and all. What I thought was tame and quiet year turned out to be a very eye opening and refining year. I learnt a lot about myself, refined who I am and who I want to be. Challenging myself to try new things, meet new people and expand those ideas laid out last year. It was all about New Beginnings. Not simply from starting from scratch, but new directions and sheer experimentation, living in the moment. Within 2013 I got a Tattoo, Travelled Overseas, Featured in an International Magazine, Styled my first Shoot, Interviewed on Television and most importantly worked hard to find Happiness. What I learnt from 2013 is that we must define everything our lives for ourselves. From Career, Relationships and even Goals, nothing is simply 'normal' We all walk our own paths in life and therefore we must own our actions and set our own standards and rules, not relying on the world to set them.
I wrote this statement on my whiteboard this year 'I want to live a Free Spirited life of New Beginnings', it does not come from anywhere, merely a random statement I formed over the year. I am fond of the idea that life is more so about the chapters than just one thing. That we do not have to be defined by one moment, job or thing. That in our lifetime we can do multiple things, challenge the idea of one life to live and make that one life full of multiple experiences. As I count down the days till the end of 2013 I hope that I have set up or at least thought of other new beginnings for 2014 and beyond. Challenging myself to find happiness wherever and whenever I can. Feeling Free and Happy. 

Finally to all of my readers, whether you have read my blog from the beginning to just starting today I Thank You for taking the time to check out my blog, commenting and following. I never thought back in 2010 that I would still have this same blog and that it would unlock so my fun experiences. It is very humbling when I read a message or comment, just knowing that others see and appreciate my ideas or style... its all I could ever ask for. I am excited for what 2014 has in store for the MARTAN Main and I hope you will be there to share it with me.

Marcus Tan aka MARTAN 

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