VEST: Winston Wolfe  |  SHORTS: Rad Harouni  |  SANDALS: Melissa x Gareth Pugh  |  SUNGLASSES: Rayban  |  SEPTUM: Ebay  |  RINGS: H&M

Welcome to the New Year... granted we are a week in. This year I am planning to take it back to basics. Aim for the Zen and enjoy being in the moment more. You know Stare into the sky, read a book, go to the Beach for the day... the simple things. I am finding that I have the same feelings with my wardrobe. Whilst I am selling and donating the majority of my wardrobe instead of replacing each item I am truly enjoying the minimal nature of it. Having more pieces that I would wear versus a wardrobe full of those 'one day or it fits so I'll keep it pieces' Sourcing more quality pieces, fabrications and colours... yes I did mention colours. 

Nothing beats a great day at the beach. Vitamin D, Sunglasses, Short Shorts and a Magazine what else do you need? Escaping the chaotic city or the noisy suburbs to a secluded beach. Wandering around barefoot to lying in the sun soaking in the moment... nothing sounds more luxurious as that. My beach essentials are a great pair of Shorts and a Leather Vest to provide coverage till you get to the beach are all the pieces you need. That and my favourite aviators of the moment. Then simply enjoy the basic wonders around!


photos: krystal

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