TRENCHCOAT: Zara  -  SHIRT: Tailors Mark  -  TROUSERS: H&M  -  CLUTCH: Vintage  -  SHOES: Balenciaga  -  iPHONE CASE: Candies  -  SUNGLASSES: Acne

I love the idea of customisation. A unique idea, look and image. The ability to tailor make something to your own specifications and desires, eliminating that dreaded 'if only it had or if only it didn't have' moment. I recently got the opportunity to work with the Aussie brand Tailors Mark to create my own custom shirt. They specialise in quality custom made to measure shirts. I got creative control with this project. Everything from the Cut to the Fabric, even having my initials embroidered on the cuff. It is great to create a piece that you cannot find in the current market as well as a unique one off piece that is solely yours. Taking personal style to another more custom level.

Stay tuned to learn how I made my shirt, and how you can make your own with Tailors Mark


photos: krystal

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