I was recently approached by Tailors Mark, an Australian company that specialises in custom made shirts to make my own shirt. When it comes to Shirting sometimes it is hard to find a perfect fit or design that I am looking for. Call it those #firstworldproblems and #skinnyboyproblems...  I have toyed with idea of getting custom pieces, though I never known of a brand which could offer a timely and high quality product. Well until now. 

Tailors Mark offers a comprehensive designer experience where you can take a simple shirt and fully customise it from Fabric, Cut to all of the minute details. For local clients you have the option to have a personal Style Consultant to come to your Home or Office to help you set up you account with your measurements and preferences, alternatively if you have a tape measure handy you can do it all yourself. The Tailor Mark site is straight forward and very easy to use with basic and advanced options. While you select your options you can preview the shirt which helps you to visualise the final product. Like a kid in a candy store Tailors Mark has every option at your disposal. 

The Custom Shirt I created is Blue Linen with a Black and White Latice Collar and Cuff detail. It has Slim Cut with an Embroidered Cuff, Left Pocket, Yoke and Roll Up Sleeves. It fits true to my own size and is exactly how I previewed it. Tailors Mark offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that your design experience and final product is perfect. 

photos: krystal

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