JACKET: Juun J  .  CROP TOP: Zara  .  LEATHER PANTS: Winston Wolfe  .  BOOTS: Zara  .  SUNGLASSES: Asos  .  RINGS: H&M

It is all in the finer details. The little moments, the simpler things in life which seem to catch my eye. Form and Structure are still important but you have to have all the right pieces to make it work. I find myself reevaluating my style once again. Taking that idea of Classic Attention and pushing that forward. Appreciating fabrications and my style failsafes whilst exploring the new and refined. Whether this is a sign of maturity or the desire to be more clean and simple I am yet to determine. One thing stays the same that my love for a piece outshines any label or price tag... I still believe in love at first sight. It is the context which is a tad skewed.

photos: krystal

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