JACKET: Asos  .  SHIRT: Cotton On  .  SHORTS: Topman  .  TIGHTS: Cotton On  .  BOOTS: Zara  .  HAT: H&M  .  SUNGLASSES: Asos  .  RINGS: H&M

I am in need of change. For quite a while I hit the pause button on my ambition, and consequentially my desire to grow. Now, making up for lost time I have opened myself up and now I am bombarded with change left right and center. From new habits, tastes and looks I find myself exploring new things just by simply being available for things to happen. For me change helps me get to where I want to go, whether that be career, experience or simply just growth as a person. It was Naomi Campbell once said that it is that idea reinvention which has led her to have such a long career, to ultimately stay relevant. That to challenge change, transform and reinvent make us interesting and helps us avoid becoming predictable. Like all humans the idea to change can come with certain risks and honest fears, however I find the fear of being stationary far worse. I seek change to improve. Sometimes it is hard to accept the need. Because lets face it there are times in life where you want the world to pause. Getting caught in moments you want to last forever. But the promise new moments and opportunities ahead makes any change worth the risk.

photos: michael

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