AMELIA HERMAWAN'S Graduate Collection

The image. The visual story in which you see, translate and ultimately judge. I have always been fond with the idea of toying with my image. From haircuts and colour to clothing options whether it be from mens or womenswear, I have played around with everything. A youthful adolescence, experimenting and having no boundaries on what I could visually become. Playing dress up with clothes. Now I come to a point where I am refining and I guess with maturity solidifying lines in hopes to make my image more stronger and signature. Like in life you will never know what you like and what is good for you unless you try everything, throw your arms into in the wind and let the breeze unlock your mind.

I have come to a stage where I question the power of my image and the ways in which I create it. Stripping it back and enjoying the details. Plain at first glance but mysterious enough to make you want to look again. Exploring the New and Masculine, another Chapter in my never ending story. Taking a slightly darker turn, embracing what is to come.

photos: natalie

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