BLAZER: Vintage  .  T-SHIRT: Uniqlo  .  PANTS: Topshop  .  SANDALS: Givenchy  .  SUNGLASSES: Asos  .  RINGS: h&m

Things have certainly changed... more than just my hair colour. In the past few weeks I got a new Job, Quit bad Vices, got back on a Healthy track whilst trying to maintain balance throughout it all. I always believe that once you open yourself up to change it tends to snowball. Endless opportunities are available for a short period of time to consume or to simply ponder over. A fresh beginning for another set of ideas, images and stories to come. Reaching for what is bigger and better, not because of entitlement or opinion but instead for the sheer availability to. Nothing but the bare essentials now. Following a single mind. 

photos: michael

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