Sorry for my absence. 

In the past few weeks I have been thinking about blogging, what I want to do with it, why I do it and ultimately what do I want to achieve by doing this. Things that you should really keep private, the inner workings of a blogger... if there are truly any private parts left to be honest.

I will start with the notion of Masculinity in Fashion. Something I never really thought about when I started this blog. I started MARTAN in an effort to share my style and life to others. Encouraging a free expression with style. It came at a time where I was discovering myself, travelling Europe and learning how to form a wardrobe whilst trying to be 'stylish'. Never truly having an interest in Menswear or Mens Fashion I always steered towards Womenswear for Inspiration, News and Trends. It was and is so much easier to explore Womenswear. Having spent years focusing on it whether it be translating womenswear pieces to my wardrobe, to keeping up to date with all that the new Runways and Trends offered I was in the know. It was there for me to consume, there no real effort required it was mainstream. And as a result I found myself not being considered masculine or less as a man because of my image.

It was only until I exposed myself to other bloggers and to the world outside of my computer where I saw this gap. That in Australia there aren't too many Male bloggers promoting contemporary Menswear Fashion. I am not just taking Suits and Chinos and Boat Shoes galore, I mean Menswear Labels and Designers. Runways whether it be International or Local. The media is not friendly to the idea of Mens Fashion and thus to a large degree of the world it simply does not exist or is considered too 'out there' or 'taboo'. The idea of a fashionable guy is too confrontational it blurs the lines. That a guy can still wear a Givenchy Parka Skirt and still look like a Man. Mens Fashion is pushing past the classic silhouettes and is then considered experimental. 

Where is this rant going I bet you are asking? I wanted to state my current intention with this blog at this moment in time. That I want to hopefully illustrate with my own style and if not with other posts the possibilities and the wonderful world that is Mens Fashion and Mens Style. Outside of the mainstream confines. I want to make it easier for Guys to see Fashion and ideally make it a mainstream concept. That Fashion can mean Masculine. Not Metro or Swishy. That Mens Fashion is not something to be scared of but to be accepted and embraced. That is my goal.

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