Maybe it was endless backyard footy, helping with the DIY, or teasing you with ‘Dad jokes’. 
However your dad’s been there for you, this Father’s Day on Sunday 7 September is a day to say thank you, and show you’re always there for him' - Nivea

I believe that I am shaped by the World but also by the Company I keep. My Family and Father in particular have taught me and always pushed me to want great things. He is one of my true inspirations. 

I know a lot of people have their parents as their inspirations more so because of that family bond, that 'they can do no wrong in my eyes' kind of idea. But for me it is more. My Father through his own experiences has shown me how to live my own life and how to hard work to achieve great things. He migrated from Malaysia to Australia alone in his late Teens, with just the bare essentials and the desire for more. With a strong work ethic and sheer determination he built his life for himself, to owning is own a respectable business and having a large Family to call his own. He constantly shows me that answers I seek come from anything and everything. That you should never simply accept what you are told or the situation your are in. To always have a thirst to know, to understand. To question the World. 

I have always been someone who Challenges and Pushes for more. It is something that is simply in my DNA, this desire for that next step. Something new constantly. I never really realised until recently that this particular trait is something that was given to me from my Father. His strong will towards adversity when the World throws him challenge after challenge has rubbed off on me. It has in turn made me a stronger person. Made me understand the World better and taught me how to take my piece of it and more... 

Nivea is celebrating Father's Day, illustrating this same idea that we learn so much from our Fathers, they give tools which we apply either in our day to day lives or in our future. Their contribution is priceless.  

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this post was sponsored by Nivea - but all thoughts are my own

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