BOILERSUIT: Zara  .  BOOTS: Balenciaga  .  SUNGLASSES: Asos  .  WATCH: Karl Lagerfeld

The point of Living and consequentially making Mistakes is to learn from them. When you Burn yourself you learn to avoid Burning yourself that same way again... Knowing Better. You have to set your own precedents in life, you cannot live directly through other people. Experiencing and Feeling first hand can be exhilarating and testing but ultimately it is best way to grow. You learn for next time. What to Do, Take, Give, Say and Be. Challenges never end. The idea of a challenge-less life is impossible and scary. I try to not see them as negatives, though at times when your back is against a wall it is sometimes hard to not feel simply defeatist and claustrophobic. But the purpose of a challenge or hardship is to rise. Whether it be with help or alone, challenges aim to teach and fast track growth for those who tackle them face first. Living in fear of creating tension or approval is not Living. I have learnt with time that you will never please everyone and anyone. That the best you can ever do is deal in the honest truth whether it is what people want to hear or see.  Denial and avoidance are dangerous tools. Staying true is the best you can ever do, whether that suits others is another thing but a precious idea that should never be compromised

I am trying to get used to my new work/life routine. Juggling everything left, right and centre. Maintaining everything and still trying to find space for more. Still finding time to go to Brunch, Take long walks on the Beach at Sunset or simply Lying in bed enjoying the soothing aromas and ambience of a Candlelit Night. I am trying to grasp this new chapter, whether I fully accustomed to all of this change I'm not too sure, but I am trying to embrace it all the best I can. In a few weeks I am off to Malaysia and Japan. A much needed break from everything. I cannot wait to recharge and gain new perspective in a new environment. See another side of the world. I am ready to open my eyes to more new experiences. 

photos: michael

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