K U A L A - L U M P U R

I : The Holiday Office waiting room area - Getting lost again in the Local Market - Poolside Friends include - This was just Breakfast...
II : My Morning Recharge Dip - Out shopping in Kuala Lumpur - The beauty that is this Indian Temple - Appreciating my Comfy Footwear
III : The healthiest option eaten throughout Trip - Noodles wrapped in Newspaper - Sandal Options (of course) - Another Poolside Selfie 
IV : Working on that Sun-kissed Tan - My Rooftop View - The best kind of Water comes from Coconuts - Documenting any Weight Gain
V :  Shopping for Umbrellas and Lanterns - Light snack before... Dinner - My Pool has mirrors... dangerous - Freshly Squeezed Sugar Kane
VI : Eating my tenth piece of Oily Bread - Just your average Chinese Restaurant - Hollow Building Fronts - Making sure my Tan is even
VII : Feasting on Everything - Pre-Breakfast Snacks - The Closest thing to a Green Juice I had - I now have a fond memory of Lanterns    

When I need a break from life and want to recharge my batteries I tend to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My father is Malaysian so I have been there on countless family holidays and recently I started to going alone as well. It is a simple and relaxing place. I am always based in the center of KL surrounded by large shopping malls, street food stalls and market places. It is a very busy and eye opening city. It exposes you to every facet that the world can offer, with parts of it still steadily developing to other parts of sheer modern luxury. Here are a few basic tips for a trip to KL:

E A T - Everything. I am not lying whenever I go to Malaysia when I am not recharging in bed or by the pool I am probably eating... or walking to get said food. There are just too many choices! From having Roast Duck at a Chinese restaurant that has been open for decades to the my favourite Beef and Ginger noodles from my local outdoor noodle shop, one will never go hungry in KL. Some of these food places have been around since I was young and even when my dad was a kid, and it just goes to show that good food is definitely appreciated here. I also tend to snack a lot in KL with my favourites being Youtiao or as I like to refer it as 'oily bread', Curry Puffs, Freshly squeezed Sugar Kane and the endless amounts of freshly cut Watermelon I can find... once again its a good thing I walk to my food...

P A C K - Nothing. The humid climate really does not permit layers. Trust me. I have learnt from many trips where I packed for that 'just in case moment' trust me, anything remotely heavy or heat inducing will stay in the same spot in your suitcase for the duration of the trip. My packing go to's are a comfortable pair of sandals and runners (especially if you plan to walk around market areas), shorts and t-shirts or light shirts. Linens and Sports Mesh are definitely key fabrics to go for. You want to feel comfortable whilst enjoying the heat, sticking to your clothes is not ideal... Swimming trunks for lazing by the pool, and swimming if you dare to get wet. 

S E E - Like everywhere I go I like to wander. KL is really the place for it. From the markets and shops in the central area to the more local suburban markets which are only a short trip away. I also like looking at the way in which the city was formed. Looking at the various architectural influences as well as stumbling across the random placements of things. For instance in the middle of a standard street of shops and buildings pops out this elaborate Indian Temple. I was truly fascinated by the intricate details of the entrance, it reached up to the heavens and was adorned with statues in an array of colour. The diversity of culture is really evident in KL, it can be overwhelming and somewhat foreign being exposed to so much but it is what makes it special. 

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