TOP: topman  .  DENIM: cotton on  .  CLUTCH: diy  .  SNEAKERS: marc by marc jacobs  .  SUNGLASSES: rayban  .  WATCH: karl lagerfeld

I dared to double denim in Kyoto. Walking along the rocky banks in search for the bamboo forest. The area was calm and serene in following with the mood of the slow river. The quiet was a much needed change of pace from Osaka and even life itself. Listening nothing besides the river as it made its natural course. I have never experienced anything like it. Running up and down the river, through the winding lusciously green bamboo forest. I found oasis.

Surprise me and open my eyes. That is my challenge. I await that moment when I take that sharp turn, when the chaos of life stops for what will seem like a lifetime in a short moment. The hope that one day that will happen again. Where sheer laughter and smiles are created from a moment and are not contrived. I look forward to the challenge. I wait for that time when I see that respective balance. Equal. When the truth will bind and nothing can stop that natural force. I look forward to the surprise...

photos: karen

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