O N - T R A C K

TRACKSUIT: Asos  .  T-SHIRT: Uniqlo  .  SANDALS: Givenchy  .  SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban  .  CLUTCH: Alexander Wang

The south side of Osaka is saturated in an array of colourful signs and figures. Where would you ever see a large floating black cow or a moving crab on the face of a building? The city's rich culture is everywhere to be seen and yet the bright chaos is controlled and harmonious. Maybe it is the calm nature of the Japanese people, keeping to themselves and simply enjoying the atmosphere. I find peace in the chaos. Wandering around with no true objective, my legs simply continue one after the other. I do tend to walk too quick as picked up by all of my friends and family. For me that is the best part of travelling, that natural exploration and discovery of new places. I am at ease, being comfortable is definitely key (though granted slightly warm in a tracksuit but commit) I was on holiday remember... 

I believe that when you make positive risks in life you will be rewarded. Opening up to the idea of possibilities and opportunities no longer being closed off. Reaping the rewards of a positive peaceful outlook. Looking up at the sky or simply lying in bed soaking in the morning rays before another day, I am enjoying the simple wonders. I feel more in tune with myself than I have ever in a long while. Maybe its the Yoga on the iPad or my Cleaner eating habits even my aimless walks on the beach or even something more basic than that. Changing constantly and accepting that forward path. On track and no long static.

photos: karen

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