I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with my phone… How can you blame me when my humble iPhone has the ability to connect me to Friends and Family, Take Photos (and the occasional selfie), Listen to Music, Surf the Web and even Shop Online (my credit card has no hope) I am happy that I grew up when phones and technology were not all the rage. When you had to sit by a telephone at home to call friends and cameras were bulky and the concept of a filter was a very professional term. Having succumb to technology in my early Teens I have not been apart since. It is really only until that fateful point when you are at Work, out on the Town with mates or simply elsewhere and your battery turns that fateful red colour. Or when you are taking your ninth bathroom selfie and your memory is full…

First world problems yes. Being let down by the one thing that you revolve around. That companion which documents your every meal and that back picture of who you woke up next to the next day. Instead of forking out money on a new phone (I have my money one something far more interesting) I have got a Mophie. More than just your average battery case. It eliminates you having to carry around cable and external battery, and even better than that Mophie cases also feature extra storage and in my case an extra 16GB. Having received the case before I left for my trip to Malaysia and Japan I definitely got my use out of it. I can go an entire day and more on my iPhone and Mophie combined. There was never a situation where I had to get rid of photos of videos taken to make room for more as Mophie’s extra 16GB came in handy. The case is also very sleek and slimline so you do not feel like you are carrying phone resembling an old Nokia 3210 (yes I had one of them). It is definitely a must for those people who rely on their trusty phone and need that extra to get through the day.

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