SWEATER: Asos  .  SNEAKERS: Rick Owens x Adidas  .  BAG: MARTAN  .  SUNGLASSES: Acne  .  WATCH: Karl Lagerfeld

I find true solace by the water. Being an Aquarius may have something to do with it... whether it be by the beach or near a live stream water, the element has a way to calm and soothe anything and everything around me. Here in Osaka there is a staircase flooded by water. The combination between the clean uniform concrete steps with the free flowing water creates sheer harmony. It is Modern Beauty in its finest form. The Northern side of Osaka city is a complex labyrinth. The streets may be quiet, however people are hidden and busily about whether it be within complex underground system or walking straight over the streets as buildings connect from on another. I find it fascinating how such a densely populated city can still feel so spacious and peaceful. Maybe it was the water but I felt so in tune and silent, able to think and process. 

I am stripping back to a simpler and pure form. I have nothing to prove anymore, I seek to please myself and myself alone. I am coming into a new stage. Whether I know exactly what that stage is, is yet to be titled. However its form is taking shape. Awaking to the new ideas and finally solidifying others. Like with a lot of things you cannot assume or predict. I work off my own gut instinct and from the signs of the World. True forms are not always what you thought they would be. But the most you can do is work on yourself. Your own form must take priority. Always learning from situations and mistakes in hopes never to make them again.

photos: karen

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