SUIT: Asos  .  T-SHIRT: River Island  .  SHOES: Comme des Garçon  .  CLUTCH: Zara  .  SUNGLASSES: RayBan  

Recharging the batteries and looking for new perspectives in Japan I found myself within the large shopping strips and sleek architecture. Simply getting lost was the plan. Dates and Days became irrelevant information, new imagery and culture was sort after. I get my best ideas and find myself more relaxed when I am simply wandering. There are these large steps found near the Umeda Station in Osaka. Clean and uniform. At the night the stairs light up illuminating those you walk or simply sit and enjoy the array of lights and people around. A surprisingly serene place for a such a chaotic area. 

Lines separate and create boundaries. Levels in which to cross and some never to crossed be again. I am rearranging my lines. Trying out a new. Developing new whilst finally enforcing others. It is merely a game you have to play to get the right combination. Some you can simply wear on your back, whilst others you keep close to your heart to the core in which you protect. Not blurring the Lines, instead setting them straight without any grey.

photos: karen

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