TURTLENECK: Zara  .  LEATHER PANTS: Elliot Label  .  SLIDES: Windsor Smith  .  SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker  .  RINGS: h&m

It is the moments in between. The finer details... Contrary to common misconceptions, I consider myself a fairly low maintenance kind of guy. I am slowly stripping away all of the embellishment and loudness and staying true to my core. There was a point where I celebrated chaos and the contraction of contrasts. However with time and a bit more of a mature outlook on everything I find myself now streamlining everything to be cleaner and simpler. I do not find the need to make things complicated anymore, I prefer the clear and concise. I guess parts of my Communications Degree are starting filtering into my life more and more... Appreciating the basic things, to be fuss free and functional. 

I can recall fearing this simpler idea, I always believed that to have a true impact you must break away and be Loud and Bright. Dare to stand out. However now I find myself more at tune with myself and my goals and ideas. I may not stick out like a sore thumb anymore but I am more than content with that. I do not aim to seek attention. I am who I am for myself. True identity comes from within and radiates in more than just an image. I am my own, not for anyone but for myself. 
Simply Me.

photos: natalie

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