BOMBER JACKET: Kenzo  .  T-SHIRT: Uniqlo  .  DENIM: Topman  .  BOOTS: Asos  .  SUNGLASSES: Acne

The cliche 'Never say Never' should be a future tattoo option. I find that I tend to contradict myself when I swear off something, give myself that boundary against I will somehow learn to accept it, reach it or attain it. I have countless stories where at that time then and there you could not change my mind, only to fast forward to present time and I've reverted my thoughts completely. I am a far complicated conundrum at times. The does world works in very peculiar ways, which has taught me to have a far larger open minded approach to everything. Limitations are constructs in the mind and the mind alone. Why we don't say what we want? Do what we want? Who controls that? Self... I... Me 

I have found new ways in which to lighten my wardrobe. Having a overwhelming fear of White pieces besides the humble t-shirt (or married with scissors becomes a tank) or course. Stains, longevity and that consequential 'Off White' look has always deterred me. Like my favoured cliche saying you can never truly swear off anything. Everything can translate again into something new. A new chapter and definition. I have no fear when I can find lighter options in resilient fabrics like denim, linen and leather. A open mind and lighter stoned perspective.  For the moment that is...

photos: michael

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