SWEATSHIRT: Neil Barrett  .  T-SHIRT: Uniqlo  .  SHORTS: DIY  .  SANDALS: Givenchy  .  SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

I have an unhealthy relationship with my plaid shirts. My faithful go to whether it be going out for brunch or at night even just something to throw on whilst dancing around in my underwear.. It closely rivals my affection for my leather bottoms... Realising my slight obsession I thought I would slowly expand my horizons. Thankfully such a classic print and textile never really goes out of style or production for that matter. Designers like Neil Barrett and Alexander McQueen's McQ Label translate the common plaid into new contemporary pieces. From a simple shirts now you can find the print in new season Bikers, Sweaters and Bomber Jackets. Sometimes you need that pop of red in a wardrobe, just to give it a bit of blood in between the sea of black, navy and grey. 

photos: yvonne

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