I : A Room with a View - Jellyfish in the Osaka - Wandering round Namba Station - Sushi Lunch
II : Chilling in the Pokemon Centre - Sunset over Sky Building - Suited up in Namba - Lunch Situation
III : One Large Jellyfish in Osaka - Feasting on a Green Tea Ice-Cream - Osaka Streets - Menu Options 
IV : Japanese Dinners have multiple courses - Bright Lights Big City Osaka - Osaka Aquarium - Lift Selfie
V :  Feasting on a Black Burger - Out Shopping - A Bucket full of Udon - Buffet Breakfast is a Must
VI : Late night Snacking underneath the Lanterns - Osaka Ferris Wheel - Tokoyaki Bar - Stingray

Here is my To-Do in Osaka. I fell in love with Osaka fairly instantaneously and to be honest is not that hard to really... The city is saturated in strong Culture whether traditional or modern, Osaka is richly diverse. Wandering around in Osaka was a complex maze, one turn I find myself in a long indoor shopping corridor whilst another turn I am walking past an Owl Cafe and other Artisan shops. I don't know how the Japanese stay so skinny with all of the food around... maybe the wandering helps. The thought of being hungry does not exist when you have street cafes, stalls, restaurants, shopping centres and department stores with a restaurant level... and I am yet to mention the vending machines. There is an abundance of choice everywhere you turn. My most and only Tourist moment was visiting the Osaka Aquarium. I'm not really a fan of Fish myself however the Japanese know how to curate the entire experience ensuring that you see everything and anything possible. Glow in the dark Jellyfish, Seals and Giant Stingrays, a great way to spend indoors from the humid weather. 

Simplicity matters to me on a holiday. I like to be carefree and impulsive to my senses. Osaka felt approachable and modestly busy with its hidden intricacies. A definite must when visiting Japan 

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