This year I Jumped...

It is so easy to get caught up. Moments, Relationships, Habits and Ideas. Sometimes you want those times to last forever.
Close your eyes and let the world move on around you whilst you savour it. 

The biggest lesson I learnt this year was Confidence. Something that might sound surprising but relevant in all facets of my life. 
The confidence to take Steps, New Steps, Unprecedented Steps towards the unknown.  To be able to stand up for myself not
 in conflict but for my ideals and desires. Compromising should not erase that. I learnt that you cannot apologise for your 
own genuine nature. Regardless of what that means for the bigger picture for others. I have learnt that we have the key to
 our own success and happiness. No task is too hard, no moment is that shattering that you cannot find a way to lift to 
the next step. The fear of the unknown can mask itself. 

This year I held on and let go of a lot. To what I reach out to next... I honestly have no clue. 
I feel like that I have found things that I forgotten that I never deemed valuable until realising its loss. 
The promise of new chapters, free spirited new beginnings once again.
2014 has challenged me in new ways,  laying down foundations for what 2015 has in store. 
Like every year to all my Readers/Followers thank you for visiting my humble little blog or even any part of the 
MARTAN Network. It is nice to know that what I do makes sense to some, to Share and create Common Ground. Thanks!

Marcus Tan aka MARTAN

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