COAT: weekday  .  TOP: uniqlo  .  SHORTS: zara  .  WATCH: tissot  .  BOOTS: balenciaga

A New Year, I seek Liberation. A clean slate.

Playing to my strengths and comfort I found myself culling a lot of pieces from my wardrobe recently.
Piles of Blazers, Colours, Prints and Cuts that I no longer wear. Pieces that were more momentos than clothes.
It is hard sometimes to let go of pieces especially when they have stories and moments attached, though the 
excitement and promise of new memories and a refined direction make this cleanse worthwhile. 
 It felt very liberating to shed the excess, with no real plans to fill in the gaps. Staples and a Stronger Standard are my 
goals for the moment. I look towards Solid Colours and Tones, though I'm not going to lie plaid is still a guilty pleasure...

Here's to a new Focus. Something New... 
Though my love for long walks on the Beach, Candlelight and Balmy Nights still stays the same. 

photos: krystal

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