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You can never truly anticipate what is going to be presented at London Collections Men. It is such a bag of unique all sorts, 
where presenting a plethora of Pink Haired Models with larger than life Pink Soft Toys to match blurs fantasy and reality as
 well as striking up the topic of Wearability and Commercial viability. London presents and pushes new ways to present the
 Male silhouette. Mixing Tailoring, Streetwear, Avant-Garde and more recently Androgyny to challenge ways in which to
 interpret the Male form. Extremely experimental and conceptual, however very thought provoking. Why can't a guy wear a
 full furlook like the South Park Kenny-esque Eskimo onesie from KTZ? Or an Oversized Blazer with Cutout Details and 
an Obi inspired Belt from Lee Roach? London offers Challenges. Regardless of whether it is everyone's cup of Tea,
 the presence of strong diversity is important in such a small Menswear Market. 

I take strong inspiration from Christopher Shannon, Lee Roach, Craig Green and Joseph. Though I appreciate the very
 striking and loud offerings from other designers like Katie Eary, Astrid Andersen and Moschino the designers mentioned in
 the previous sentence work off a more cleaner palette for my Style. I am drawn towards the large Blanket and Cropped
 Duster Coats, Heavy Fur and Shearling pieces and the Array of Boiler-suit options this Season. (I will always try to
 champion and encourage the production of the Boiler-suit, a true guilty pleasure)

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images: style.com

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