CROP: zara  .  PANTS: zara  .  SANDALS: givenchy  .  BELT: asos  .  SUNGLASSES: rayban  .  BAG: alexander wang

I recently went back through my archives... a confronting task as a blogger.
Looking at old sayings, styles, thoughts and stories that I have from particular shoots and events.
That is really the best reason for blogging, not any promised fame or material object. Personally it is a diary,
it is a statement of my life whether it be in text or image in a moment in time. A stamp of legitimacy, 
a proof of existence. Funnily enough I see my style reverting to what it was in earlier years. Very basic for 
different reasons but basic and simple. Back then I didn't know too much and played with what I knew,
 now even with a far greater knowledge I still want to stay true and simple. Tonal blocking and textures 
celebrating the finer details. It is funny how experimenting can lead you to where your natural instinct lay.

There are times where pressures lift and fall hard. Where it seems like the air has disappeared.
When the ball drops. The glass shatters never to be the same. I was told about a Japanese art called
Kintsugi, where cracked or broken pottery is pieced together with metallic dusted resin. It works
to celebrate the history of the broken pieces instead of hiding it. That even the most perfect loved things
can break or tarnish. However in time and with precious help, markings can be left but in celebration
of the promise of what is next.

photos: natalie

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