SUIT:  zara  .  SLIDES:  windsor smith  .  SUNGLASSES:  rayban  

The sky is the Limit, so they say

We are taught at a young age that possibilities are endless and that like the song there just ain't no mountain 
high enough. However I feel like with age and experience I begin to realise that lines are being drawn.
The possibilities shrink to a smaller pool and sometimes your best does not come out on top. The key is in the balance.
Knowing how far you can go versus how far you really should. Value equals Effort and yet that does not
mean that that is necessarily returned. The best you can do is draw the line before you discover it in the rush of it all.

Like everything you can always spin anything into a positive or negative. Maybe that is my inner PR degree kicking in 
or just the honest reality. In the past few months I have learnt to accept all these new Limits. With health, expectations,
 money and in others. I feel it is better to understand the boundaries instead of trying to test the limits in a blind hope of 
what could be. I live in the present idea that you have find the pieces that fit, avoid trying to make things work and pursue
 what feels right. Work with what you've been given. Re-sew that button to get that perfect fit, know your strengths and 
embrace them. 

photos: michael
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