For the longest amount of time I stood against Male Nudity. I often thought that it was a sheer lazy styling technique predominately with Men's Fashion as to get out of using actual Men's clothing. Focusing on those ripped muscles and chiselled features. Maybe it was a combination of my own body insecurities and my desire to see more diversity than just the muscular form. These days I see a progression with the Male Aesthetic as it is being translated with variations as slim models feature in shows like Saint Laurent and JW Anderson. Having found value in the negative space I finally see the beauty of these images. More than just the body itself, but the context and stories in which are created from a position or gesture. Which all considered is very powerful and yet minimal.

I myself have gotten to a stage where I must accept my body for what it is. The limits in which my body will grow and how I can push it to. Not that I honestly ever wanted to be rigged with Muscles, but at the same time having that inner confidence to be happy with that is in the mirror versus the projection in my mind. Once again limits force us to reassess and then move along, and embracing it is key to turning a barrier or negative into a honest constant. Find beauty in what is there and what is not.

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