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The term 'Thick Skin' got me thinking...

It is a common goal to have a thinker skin. To be immune or less receptive to weakness, pain and overall disappointment.
A strong coping mechanism, commonly associated with masculinity and leadership. I would like to say that I have a fairly
thick layer. From experiences and countless mistakes I actively choose to learn and try to wear everything as a badge of 
armour. Back in high school I was like a magpie, attracted to all of those shiny leadership badges that in my 5 years in High 
School I managed to earn 15... The thirst for a challenge and the risk of trying something new has always edged me outside 
of my comfort zone. Now as an adult the badges may not be there, in its place are personal career, living and relationship 
goals that aim to define each and everyone of us. Sometimes wanting to achieve them takes guts and more so the honesty to
 step aside from others and be alone in one's pursuit. You cannot grow that thicker layer without a few bumps and bruises
And in the meantime a matching Leather set can get you on your way...

photos: krystal
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