P C 4 M E N

REVIEW :  PC4MEN by Paula's Choice

Let's start talking about the G word.... Grooming
I started seriously looking into it a few years back, from trialling everything to experimenting and
 selecting what works for me. Skincare is so important for Men. Women (and the occasional guy)
use make up to cover up their bad skin, but why not simply purchase a good Skincare Regimen??

For the past month I have been road testing PC4MEN by Paula's Choice. The collection takes key
 products from their women's range and works them into a simple, clean and effective Skincare 
Regimen. There are no Fragrances, Thick Greasy Layers or Pointless Products. What's even better
 about this range is that a little goes a long way with each product. The PC4MEN is easy
 and effective which is important especially for guys maintaining a low maintenance efficient lifestyle.

My PC4MEN Rundown
(favourites first)

This is more than just an average Toner, and probably my favourite product in the range. This liquid
 purifies the skin, reducing redness and helps to unclog any stubborn pores. I like that is does not
sting or feel harsh but it gets the job done nevertheless.
My pet peeve with moisturisers is that some of them go on thick and then it takes ages for it to soak
 into the skin. Luckily both the Day and Night Cremes by PC4MEN are lightweight and offer a shine
 free finish, leaving my skin looking healthy and natural.
This Gel Cleanser goes on light but you can definitely feel that you are getting a
good thorough cleanse. It lathers on enough to notice but without your face looking like a snowman.
An SPF 50 Balm that has no funky tastes or smells, and keeps your lips hydrated and smooth.
The creme helps the blades glide on smooth for a close edge shave. I honestly haven't used this
 product too much (maybe when I grow a thicker beard... eventually) but from what I can gather it 
is a good shaving pick.

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