Knowledge is Power

One thing that Adulthood has taught me is that there is always more. To Be, Want and Learn. Like everything we all have 
the ability to change, to shed our previous form to survive. This year has taught me about what is Normal. Cliche as the
 phonebook I had a major wake up call where everything around me was challenged. My Thoughts, Feelings and Lifestyle, 
it was all questioned as to whether it can be considered truly Normal. It is only when we take the time to understand our 
choices can we distinguish between right from wrong. Ignorance is not pretty or helpful. When Life throws a curveball it is 
only a matter of time before it hits. You cannot pretend or ignore Life and its many lessons.  We should always seek the 
knowledge available, the information to learn, to better ourselves. Trying is always better than nothing. 

For my full thoughts on the year, I am still processing. I have honestly not made up my mind on it. I have indeed grown, 
however I am yet to let all the dust settle to be able to see clearly. I have this belief  that 'Things happen in Life because we
are ready for the Next Step'  Whether it be in Relationships, Career or Health, I have to believe that it  happens to challenge 
and help us grow more. Everything eventually makes sense in time, ready for the next set of obstacles. Refinement was a
keen personal focus this year, having settled into a new routine I took to simplifying and sticking to my guns. Pursing
passions and learning to explore more than to have my hand in every jar. 

For 2016 I hold onto the hope of Clarity and Conversation. I want to be able to share more about my life and passions 
whilst also learning to expand my horizons and perspectives. I have realised that I enjoy creating conversations
whether it be through experience or a curious mind. Nothing should ever be off topic. The world is full of knowledge you
 just have to know how to Learn, Share and Use it.

I tie up my last post of 2015 with a humble Thank You to anyone who has graciously read this or any of my posts. In this
world where attention spans are smaller than my pinky toe I am always appreciative when I know that someone is online. I 
have learnt a lot this year and I hope to share some of those things in the coming year as well as new experiences yet to be 
known. For me blogging is a tool to mark moments in time, like a diary without the need to write or have it hidden
 underneath my bed (instead I post it publicly for the world to read) I hope you have enjoyed my 2015 and are looking 
forward to a new beginning in 2016. And remember...  D O N T  S T O P

Marcus Tan aka MARTAN

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