Once the dust settles everything makes sense

The best thing you can do when things change is to React and Accept. Take the time to
Understand and Progress. Put your own needs first so that you come out on the other end a
more enriched person. It takes true confidence to admit and take the time out; to put yourself
first. This can often be daunting as it can mean you no longer align with others. I have always
believed that we are solely responsible for our own Happiness and Success. Others can provide
help but ultimately no one could or should know yourself better than well... you. You should
never have to apologise for personal fine tuning or damage control. Sometimes we all get
 caught up in it all. Stimulated by the fast paced world that we often forget to get check in
and assess what's going on before something wrong happens...

Take a Selfish moment for yourself 
photos: yvonne

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