I have definitely come leaps and bounds by better balancing my wardrobe. A harmony of sorts with 
a select range of palette, textures and pieces. I can remember the days when I was younger and I was
heavily experimenting with prints, BRIGHTS and a lot of womenswear pieces. Not that there was or
is anything wrong with the later, it took time for the dust to settle for me to realise what I truly feel 
comfortable in versus for statement value. Style is something which should express individuality. 
Long gone are the days when I used to write about style, aside from coverage itself I honestly don't
see the point of saying 'this is hot or that everyone should have this' because there aren't any rules to
follow. Like life, everything has its given application. The most you can do it do right by yourself.

I still enjoy the occasional womenswear piece. I still will fight the point that it is hard to find cost 
effective contemporary menswear pieces. It shouldn't such a cut and dry opportunity, though it is
changing there is and always will be greater variety in design and prices with womenswear. Like
what I mentioned before I doubt many guys would be enthused with Jumpsuits or the term 
womenswear but hey its clothing, at the end of the day it covers up what it necessary. I choose not
let what others or the unknown determine what I do. I see through the convention and follow through
 with my vision and creativity. There are people who make the first cut and others that follow behind.

photos: natalie
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