blazer: HM for Maison Martin Margiela  .  shirt: ASOS  .  jeans: COTTON ON (DIY)  .  shoes: BALENCIAGA  .  sunglasses: RETROSUPERFUTURE

It is currently 4:21am as I type this entry. The sun is yet to rise and my headspace is foggy as the winter that is about to come. I am up because I am about to go on a well needed holiday, a trip that I have had on my bucket list for numerous years. I am about to spend a month in the States and to say I am excited is one of the biggest understatements. I hope this entry will make some sort of sense (not that all my posts do I must admit, but I must say working off only a few hours of sleep does play with your head) This trip is very symbolic to me, aside from achieving a much wanted want, I am also pushing forward and not stopping or 'D O N T  S T O P' as I have tattooed on my ankles. Life happens, whether you consider your hand good or bad you have to find our peace and work with it to continue to breathe and move. I am learning always how to exist in a world that will always have some sort of inequality and disadvantage. I am ready for a new adventure, to see new things and I am ready to uncover another side to myself, all in the hopes of growing and learning more about the world we live in. Life gives us enough barriers that we should always look for the doorways for opportunities and experiences. I am ready for all new doorways I have and are about to go through.

photos: ranj

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