26 Days / 7 Cities

Living in Australia can be quite isolating. It is quite a large continent, but there are times where one can feel isolated from other countries. Flights are often quite long (not to mention expensive) so to journey far away from the land Downunder can take some time and much-needed funds. I have always had a fascination with the USA. Maybe it was the accents or the excessive food portions or even the fact it's considered the 'Land where Dreams come true', I wanted my experience ever since I got my first paycheck. I bit the bullet this year, deciding to tick this off my bucket list in an attempt to reshape my aura for 2017. 

I spent my days wandering around, doing a mix of token sightseeing and ticking off token things that I have wanted to do for ages (CVS anyone??). I indulged at Museums and Broadway shows, feeding my soul with visual stimulation. Expanded my culinary palette to include Southern Fried Chicken, Shake Shack, New York Pizza, food in LA in general and token favourites like Pinkberry and Chick-fil-A... I even saw a Vegas show, as one should. I must sound like quite the trashy traveller, but my plan was to simply enjoy. With no limit, filter or dose of reality. The experience was like no other, having done Europe in my late teens I gained a lot of life perspective and simply grew up, but with this trip, I had the ability to enjoy, reflect and be grateful for everything I have done, seen and my future. Maybe it was the sheer enormity of the trip or even just 'figuring out' another part of this world, making things seem much smaller and achievable.

F A C E B O O K  -  I N S T A G R A M  -  P I N T E R E S T  -  T W I T T E R  -  T U M B L R