You are the product of your surroundings your friends, colleagues, and fragrance. True to form, I am not a one-fragrance kind of guy, over the years I have experimented with various fragrances to develop a signature scent reflecting my current mood and space. For some reason, the hoarder in me kept these bottles as kind of a trophy case of fragrances from the past, so I thought I'd share those memories. 

2010: 'Bleu de Chanel' by CHANEL

This fragrance is a right of passage. At some point, everyone wants to own some Chanel... This was my first fragrance after years of spraying copious amounts of body deodorant. This scent reminds me of being 19 years old and travelling around Europe. Boozy nights and travelling days without showering, this fragrance was great at masking it all. The scent itself is quite heavy and masculine, at the time I was more excited about the label than the scent itself. Don't get me wrong it is nice, but I feel like it is more of a mature scent for a 19-year old. It's definitely a bold choice for someone who wants to smell quite strong and rich. 

2012: 'Dior Fahrenheit' by CHRISTIAN DIOR 

Summer Heatwaves and the bold decision to wear bright bold colours. This spicy scent is everything like its title. I liked that the fragrance had heat to it without being too heavy like the previous. I wore this scent for a great length of time, with the preference to wear it in winter than in the warmer times. At the time I was fresh to experimentation, trying new things and discovering what being 'masculine' meant to me. Upon reflection, I feel like this scent was I what wanted to smell on a man rather than on myself. The smell of passion or the idea of it... 

2014: 'Tom Ford for Men' by TOM FORD

Now 24 years old and wearing suits to work, I chose to venture into the world of Tom Ford. From Eyeglasses, A Single Man and yes his range of fragrances; I wanted to embody the quintessential man. I must say Tom Ford for Men is a nice daily work fragrance, it's not intoxicating so you can work in an office without feeling like passing out. It also settles well on clothing without disappearing or turning sour. It is a staple base for any guy looking for an 'aftershave like' scent. As a signature, however, like all Tom Ford products, they aren't as unique as one would like. 

2016: 'ck2' by Calvin Klein

What I like Calvin Klein fragrances because they are simple transitional scents you wear when trying to find another.. Light and fresh, ck2 is marketed as a unisex fragrance which really isn't a big deal to me as I don't mind blurring the lines. 25 years old, falling in love with heather grey and fresh linens, this fragrance reminds me of casual walks on the beach watching the sunset. Breathing in the salty air whilst listening to the free air. I have started to gravitate to fragrances with light notes of citrus and gin-like qualities, enough to have flavour but not enough to cloud your senses.

2017: ... I'm in the market for something new. With a collection of favourites and others that get the occasional spritz, I am looking for that next step in my fragrance journey. Seeking fresh and light tones, wanting to feel like a thin veil and not lashings of pungency... watch this space...

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