cap: FLEXFIT  .  sunglasses: RETROSUPERFUTURE  .  sweater: GIVENCHY  .  shorts: UNIQLO  .  boots: Rick Owens x Adidas  .  bag: ALEXANDER WANG 

This is all uncharted territory. I am trying to develop change with my hands firmly on the wheel (hypothetically... I don't have my driver's license (a story for another time)). A journey of self-discovery, I am defining myself as a partner, employee and creative being. Questioning my levels of satisfaction and the distance towards my goals and happiness. Isn't it always the case when you find success in one area of your life that you want the rest to catch up. That never-ending pursuit of happiness. I am experiencing so many new things that I don't want it to stop, capturing opportunities and daring to fulfill my visions. I feel like I have been dormant like a caterpillar waiting to be free as a butterfly. I want my butterfly moment, I want to expand on this chapter if not create another. I have the thirst to want, share, grow, dare and be.
photos: ranj

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