Listening to 'The Architect' by Paloma Faith as the storm passes...

This year has been nothing short of new beginnings and experiences. In July, my partner surprised me with a holiday to New Caledonia. As amazing as the idea of the holiday like this was, it posed the points that:
A) Having been single for the past 26 years you get used to being on your own and in control (alternatively you become a hot mess ala Bridget Jones...)
B) In this world of 'Pic or it didn't Happen' it tends to make every moment a complex exercise of enjoyment and documentation. 
C) A holiday for me would include multiple trips, aimless sightseeing, and mountains of clothes for to shoot or concepts to try. Not to mention the consequential flu or feeling of being run down upon its end.

This was going to be something new...  

With a great deal of trust and the promise of relaxation, we set off on the short trip to Noumea, New Caledonia. There was no anxiety about how to spin this holiday into content; the business brain was shut off. Days were comprised of Beach, Sun, Spa, Food, Bath, Sleep - Repeat. Who needs a Xanax when you are recharging by the sun and sand (and a handsome man too). Aside from the amazing beaches, Noumean life is quite laid back and friendly. Riding the local bus into town that blares upbeat tropical tunes, visiting the local market with all the fresh local produce and pastries (I forgot the beauty of a fresh french Croissant), attempting to incorporate French into my vocab and visiting the local islands via a very small seas plane... 

I have never come home so refreshed.  

Seeking and Learning Lessons.
I am currently getting over the flu/allergies whilst listening to Sam Smith's new Album.
New directions are often hard to follow, define and reach. Especially now, with the saturation of influence versus quality and authenticity. Dare I say it, I am proud to be a blogger than an influencer. Granted this statement can be seen as a sign of my age, stubborn claws not wanting to be seen as new or progressive. I say that I am proud to be a blogger because as much as I enjoy the perks or the idea of having followers interested in my audience, I am more so proud of my choice and voice. This is just as much of a medium for readers as it is for me, the person pouring out one too many cliches and vague anecdotes in the attempts of self-discovery.
There is more I want to say, do and be - and in time it will flow onto this blog, something new or revisited. Exploring things that affect my life which may not conform to ideals or agreeable situations, I own this honest medium. 

photos: lauren

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