I thought I'd take this pink thing just a little bit further.

I chose to dye my hair back to black to be taken more seriously professionally (yes, pink was just a momentary lapse towards the dark side) Having discovered that yes, blondes have more fun I conversely realised that the same notion of fun comes with being seen as non-threatening comic relief. I am not going to lie, I'd love to have a magical Beyonce moment where blonde makes you Queen B. But nobody remembers black haired Beyonce... Not to play the martyr, but its the reality when climbing that 9 to 5 ladder. 

Gender is quite the topic of contention. Boy, Girl. Man, Woman. Non-Binary. Gender representation has become much more of a blurred concept. In 2017 there is an increased awareness of this gender spectrum. Freedom of expression and the confidence to reflect authenticity is on the rise.  I myself have experimented, fought and pondered over this representation for many years. And though I applaud this, I pose the question. Though we live in a world that is increasingly visually diverse, do we still maintain our same levels of respect and seriousness?

Should the choice to wear a certain garment define your gender? 

Why do pieces of clothing alter a person's degree of masculinity or femininity?