sweatshirt: ASOS  .  shorts: ZARA  .  socks: ASOS  .  bag: ALEXANDER WANG  .  slip ons: CELINE

Sometimes the best medicine is the clarity to be true. 

Nothing settles a mindset than knowing that you are satifying your desires and dreams. Reality and objective thinking can breed excuses, the need for money, experience or even approval. There does come a point when all of the talks become mundane and the dream then becomes stale. I'm working to dust away all of my dreams, either choosing to fulfil them or writing them off my list. I want to take advantage of opportunities, attain those things that were once in the distance. I'm sure everybody has a stage in their lives when they reflect on that thing that got away. The thing is that I don't want to...

photos: lauren

Jeanswest Winter Collection 17'
Quality made denim and basics, Jeanswest reinstates itself as a comfortable contender for the everyday man. 
My comfortable, however always tends to be obscure.

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