Hello... it's me... literally

Being one who likes to rant and share, sometimes it is easier to simply... talk.

The blog is still here, this is just another way to connect with you all.

Attention. Clickbait. Relevance

Come August I am always at odds with my online presence. The effort, the response but most of all the importance. In this day and age, everyone is an 'influencer' or a carbon copy of an ideal. Not that there is anything wrong with being mainstream or a stereotype, at times it's a safe place to succeed. The authentic voice is subjective to subliminal placements and interests. For me, this has always been a side project, a creative outlet, and a way to simply document my life. Humble as it sounds it is a way to simply be. The struggle to be honest without the risk of destroying an ideal. Being myself, regardless of what I wear or say. Creating conversation is my end game. In turn, maybe that makes me the same. Life gets in the way of this documentation. Attention spans turn instantaneous where terms like 'bloggers' are outdated. I am quite proud of being a blogger. Making content and working with brands, creating a dialogue that defines a moment for myself. I hope this makes sense...

photos: ranj

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