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Wearing: Pure Hair Food 'Medium Hold Pomade' & Pure Hair Food 'Smoothing Serum'

Fresh Starts from the desires of the year before...

I entered 2018 quite refreshed (I may have gone to bed at 9:00pm on New Year's Eve... but nevertheless...) Being too preoccupied with my holiday I didn't get the chance to decide on any resolutions. Though common goals like 'Exercising More', 'Eating Healthier' and 'Making Positive Change' are always on the list, it is only as I type this entry do I start to take stock of what 2018 could be. 

There was a point in 2017 where I wanted a change, having sort development in the past three years I now look to new prospects in the coming year. The art of simply opening your mind to changing the routine inspires optimism for what is to come. Something that I can share now is that I have enrolled to study again (something which I was beginning to think would never happen again) Having dwelled on this choice for close to 9 years, I finally bit the bullet and enrolled. In March I will begin a Certificate III in Clothing & Textile Production. 

Sometimes the risk is hard to wager. The comfort that comes with familiarity can make it hard to want to change. There is something enticing that comes from wanting more, I happen to believe that we get what we want, though it may not come how or when we want it - so its best to be aware. I'm looking towards discovering more about Mind, Body & Soul, the attempt to Grow Out my Hair, Where the Fountain of Youth lies?, How to Save more Money - all things I will hopefully share on the blog this year.

Watch this Space...

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