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Since the age of eighteen I have been on the search; the search for a perfect skincare regime.

To quote the great Samantha Jones my approach to skincare is that I am a 'Try-sexual - I'll Try anything once'. From six step systems, beauty devices, organic and cosmeceuticals - I am on the search. It is a balance, as I strongly believe that lifestyle also has an effect on the skin, so it is not just left to the powers that are in your bathroom. However, I do hold out hope for products and a combination that will weather the storm that is my life and make my skin feel and look fresh and clean. I thought I would begin to share this long journey with you, having reviewed some random PR skincare products in the past I thought I would create more grooming/skincare content to respond to the questions I get about my skincare routine. 

I thought I would begin by giving you a brief understanding of my skin. And also to point out that all of my reviews are solely based on my own skin's preference. I currently have combination skin, which tends to get oily by the end of the day. I like to mix and match my skincare routine so my skin is not reliant on anything for too long. I also use beauty tools in my regime to ease up my use of excessive chemicals and exfoliant beads (they are not good for the environment). 

I discovered Perricone MD from a friend of mine who recommended it. Now my understanding of the brand is that is designed by dermatologist Dr. Perricone who specializes in targeted skincare that gets results against aging and inflammation. Suffice to say I bought a few products to understand the hype. 

Here is my daily routine with Perrione MD 

In the morning I wash my face with water and apply a thin layer of the Face Finishing Moisturizer. The moisturizer is very rich so I would definitely recommend it to people with dry skin as it keeps the face nice and hydrated all day long. Personally, with my skin type, I think it is too hydrating whereby at the end of the day I looked quite dewy/oily
At night I cleanse my face in the shower with the Nutritive Cleanser. I like the clear and clean feeling of this cleaner. It foams up enough to know it's been activated but not too much where I'm chocking on bubbles. My only critique with the cleanser it is that it smells a bit too similar to talcum powder which to me isn't a clean or desired scent. After drying off I apply the Pre:empt Brightening Eye Cream and the Face Finishing Moisturiser again. I liked the eye cream, more so because it went on easily and wasn't sticky around my eyes. I prefer using the moisturizer combination at night as it gives my face all the hydration it needs to repair overnight.

Now I'm sure you are wondering, what about the infamous Cold Plasma?
Yes, I did try it, however, I can honestly say I have only used it two times. Both times I used it my face looked much more present and clear... now I bet you are wondering... "he found the holy grail, why isn't he using it all the time?!' Trust me I would and I have tried to incorporate it into my daily routine... but. The Perricone MD Cold Plasma like all good things in life comes with an unfortunate twist... it smells bad. To also give you some context I do not have a great sense of smell, but I could smell this quite well and it is not a welcome smell you want on your face. Think fish, or something fish related. I tried to muster myself to wear it... and then I would simply wash it off my face because the scent made my stomach turn. Maybe one day I will get used to the scent and try it again. But until then it sits in the bathroom cupboard. But for anyone who either has no sense of smell or is that hell bent on a strong product, the Cold Plasma is definitely worth a try.

Overall my Regime with Perricone MD was a positive one. There are plenty of products to try, I would suggest getting some samples to decide on which products would best suit your skin. For me, I would probably try some other Perricone products than using the ones I have already purchased. It's all about trial and error.


Layers in Fall... Groundbreaking...
This Fall I am uninspired, maybe it is because I no longer yearn to own the latest ready-to-wear or I am at the juncture where I know what I like and what bores me. Don't get me wrong seeing Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell walk-in Louis Vuitton for Kim Jones' last show was a highlight, but should it have been? My previous affinity for the relaxed street style of last Fall has been replaced with more Structure and Textures. Raw edges from Balmain or a light blue puff jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim. I'm thinking practical and yet stylish day wear. Yohji Yamamoto proved that Fall is not just about layers but the varying textiles presented in a look. Rick Owens will always be a conceptual soft spot for wearable and simply art. The creative balance lapsed this season, whether it was to make headlines, archives or simply to be commercially viable.. Fall 18... there are few diamonds but they sure a bright. 

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