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I do not like my hair... 

It is the one thing that I always want to change. Some guys want muscles, biceps and enhancements down below but I just want my hair to be more helpful.

I have hair that is straight, but with attitude and what I mean by that is has a mind of its own. When it’s short it sticks up to the sky and when I try to grow it out it requires every product to scaffold it into something. So after 26 years of crew cuts, blonde, Mohawks and long fringes I have decided to go ahead and grow my hair out long. The last frontier to see what my hair can (and mostly can’t do) 

This is more a test of my patience more than anything. As an Aquarius this isn’t my strong suit, however as it stands I haven’t had my hair this long in a long time. What I’m aiming for... I’m not too sure, though playing around with this wig gave me some ideas (sans the bangs though...) I’m also in the market to try new things to help grow and strengthen my hair. So whether it’s vitamins, products or a simply song and dance I am on the hair hunt of my dreams. 

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