MARTAN 2010 - 2019



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The past few months have been a blur...

To Update: I was offered a promotion, I started my course in clothing/pattern production and I have just come back from Paris (linked to said promotion), that and trying to spend time with the Boyfriend and catching up on the last season of Scandal (thoughts anyone?) - did I mention... Blur.

I thought I would recap my week in Paris, and a review of all the things people tell you to do, see, eat, etc... whilst in Gay Paree. I did not have a lot of time to prep for Paris, leading up to my work/holiday trip I didn't really look into much aside from the last minute google: 'things to do in Paris by Fashion editors'. It has been eight years since I was in France last and a lot has changed (country and myself included)

Firstly, after traveling for 24 Hours straight, I cannot RECOMMEND anything more highly than the ability to have an early check-in or aligning your flight close to said check-in times - trust me you will thank me. There is nothing worse than being delirious in Paris without a private place to freshen up.

Let's get the token things out of the way: Croissants, Effiel Tower, Eclairs are all a YES when in Paris. (I must say there are definitely more security protocols around monuments and stores, so if you plan on taking a bag prepare to have it ready to be inspected) Yes, it is true, these things never get old... okay maybe the eclairs after a while. But a few things I did on the daily were: 

RASPBERRIES - I know weird first choice, but the raspberries in Europe are so much better than in Australia. I basically had more raspberries than bread... and I ate a lot of bread. 

SHOPPING - An interesting topic, especially if you want a bargain. Generally speaking things in Paris are expensive. Whether it be Designer, High Street, etc... However, for window shopping, areas like La Marais and Rue Saint Honore are great to watch the competitive sport that is tourist shopping (aka watching people who can basically spend as much money as a house in Gucci in one trip) I would avoid Champs-Elysees other than to visit the Arc de Triomphe, not the best for shopping anymore. Galeries Layfette and Printemps are also worth a gander for those who like the likes of Barney's and Lane Crawford. Now don't get too sad by the lack of shopping opportunities, something that is worth a look is French pharmacies. Yes, you heard me, French pharmacies are filled with sensitive and long-lasting brands like Bioderma, Nuxe, La Roche Posay and Klorane to name a few, not to mention they are much cheaper (I will do a review of my haul soon

FOOD - I ate a lot of different kinds of food. French bistros are nice, so is a healthy rate of cholesterol. Surprisingly I did try a few Japanese joints for some dietary balance Kintaro and Udon Bistro Kunitoraya were quick lunch favourites. Back to Paris, I also tried colt favourites Ferdi (that Burger was good, but make sure to order fries) and Hotel Costes (this is very quintessential Parisian chic, very 'who's who' and also $$$). I must say getting used to Starter, Main and Dessert took me back to traveling in the USA. It also attempted to take my waistline up a few sizes...

SEE - It is a right of passage to hit up a museum or two, having already been to The Lourve, I chose to kill time at Musee d'Orsay before my flight. A definite must for art buffs who love impressionists and the classics. At least there are plenty of areas to simply sit down and  Next time I want to go to Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo which is more Modern and Surrealist... 

That was my week in Paris, back to the Blur...